Our Team

Erik Salazar

Project Manager


Erik a native Tucsonan, has been successfully managing national solar projects for over six years while working with Titan Solar Power. He leads an exclusive partnership with Titan Solar Power's national division called PWR America. Through his knowledge, expertise, and a commitment to excellence, Erik has successfully helped thousands of clients make the switch to solar energy. His work ethic and determination have also earned him the D2D Golden Door Award for 2019, 2020 and has also qualified him for a third award in 2021; a spot reserved for only the top .01% of all solar consultants in the entire nation.

Erick Araiza

Operations Coordinator


A native Tucsonan With five years of direct experience in project management, technology integration into workflow systems, and establishing operative protocol, Erick now works hand in hand with the Project manager and Titan Solar Power Support Team. He serves as a key player in coordinating the completion of solar projects from start to finish, while ensuring that compliance is kept, information and records are accurate, and that each step of the project is done with maximum speed and efficiency at all times. His prior experience includes consulting for companies like Porsche and Audi in both English and Spanish, as well as coordinating logistics for overseas exportation companies.

Michell Padres

Solar Consultant


Michell has worked in the financial services industry for over ten years. This experience brings substantial value to our clients when analyzing the costs and savings that come along with going solar. Michell is a native to Tucson and has been working with Erik Salazar in the solar industry for five years and has expanded his business into multiple states with his exceptional customer service and knowledge he is able to service his clients to their utmost satisfaction.

Victoria Garza

Solar Consultant


A native Tucsonan, Victoria has been a solar consultant for over 3 years. Her background of 3 years in property management as well as 7 years managing and training teams in the use of Caterpillar equipment, Victoria easily transitioned her expertise into the solar field. A combination of construction knowledge and property management have made her one of the most preferred and highly rated solar experts for our clients. Committed to excellence and superb customer service, Victoria helps each one of our clients with energy efficiency analysis and cost savings strategies to ensure only the best results for any client.

Nikola Vidakovic

Solar Consultant


Nikola is a sports guy, ex basketball player from Serbia. 3 years ago he decided to change his career and follow the American dream. His first touch with the USA was San Francisco, California where he worked in hospitality, but then decided to make the change into the Solar industry and moved toTucson, AZ. With a background in sales, very communicative and self confident, Nikola strives to give the absolute best customer service at all times, and his passion for people have made him incredibly successful in this industry.

Yeohoon Youn

Solar Regional Manager


Originally from Seoul, South Korea and now a Tucson local for over 16 years, Yeohoon has an outstanding track record of superb customer satisfaction. As a solar consultant Yeohoon brought creative solutions to many homeowners looking to go green, and now as a regional manager helps lead the field for his entire team with only excellence in mind. Yeohoon has done consulting work for companies like Mercedes-Benz as well as LA Fitness, being one of the top consultants there consistently time and time again.

Shaun O’Connor

Client Services Project Manager


A resident of Tucson for over 30 years, with 20 years of experience in program management and customer and student support services, Shaun is responsible for overseeing client services and ensuring that the needs of our residential Solar clients are met. She tracks the progress of each solar project from start to finish, contacting solar clients to identify their needs and facilitating whatever process for the duration of the project. Shaun serves as a liaison between various departments and our clients, bringing all the kindness, efficiency, grace, and skill at her disposal to ensure our clients receive the care and attention they deserve.

Gary Przybocki

Energy Consultant


Gary has been working in the solar industry for 10 years. Every position ranging from field work, supervision, office management, to sales. He is very passionate about solar energy and helping people save money on the high energy costs from power monopolies and giving them the choice to generate their own power. Gary is originally from Chicago and moved to Phoenix, AZ, 10 years ago and hasn’t looked back since! A motivated self starter, Gary wants nothing more then to see happy homeowners and customers save money by switching to solar energy. Gary resides up in Phoenix but travels all over the state of Arizona and the other 18 states that Titan Solar Power is in and looks forward to helping and meeting new clients wherever he can!